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Simple, Fast, Secure, Safe, Smart and Fits Everyone

Everliker brings attention to your Instagram profile by liking posts on your behalf. Anyone and any business can use Everliker to grow their Instagram account.
Everliker follows “Set It and Forget It” principle and takes less than 1 minute to set up.
Everliker works in background. You don’t need to keep Instagram page open for Everliker to work.
Everliker is designed to save time. At normal speed settings it likes around 10000 photos a month which is equal to about 10-12 hours of manual work.
Everliker doesn’t need your Instagram username or password to operate.
Everliker doesn’t send your Instagram activity to a remote server. Your data is secure and stays local.
Everliker works from your local IP address. It is more secure comparing to the cloud based services that share one IP address for a dozen of users.
Everliker mimics human activity and will sleep at night of your local time zone for about 8 hours.
Everliker respects daily and hourly action limits imposed by Instagram.
Everliker has an in-built posts analysis engine that detects and filters most ads and pornspam posts.


No. Auto-follow is spammy. It is damaging Instagram community and may damage your brand. It also turns your feed into irrelevant junk.
Auto-follow can be detected by the Instagram which leads to account ban. Hence we will never support it.
No. Nobody likes generic comments like ‘Nice photo!’ and ‘Wish I were there!’. They are spammy and can get you into embarrassing situations.
Besides, Instagram has an AI driven spam detection system so auto-commenting doesn’t work well anyway.
Everliker brings attention of Instagram users to your account. Whether they like or follow you depends on the quality of your photos and videos.
So make sure you create a great content, target right audience and choose tags wisely.
We do not recommend that you use Everliker faster than 800 likes / day or use it for accounts of less than 21 days old or without a recovery phone number listed.
To stay safe and learn more on Everliker configuration, tips and tricks, please make sure to read the F.A.Q. section below.


The answer is here (we’re 96% sure)

Everliker is a social marketing automation tool. It replaces a human Virtual Assistant liking posts on your behalf right from your Chrome Browser.
Liking posts brings attention to your profile as some people check you back when they see you liked them.
If your content resonates with people who checked you back they might like or even follow your account.
The day ends at midnight. At midnight likes counter resets to 0. Everliker also takes a long sleep at night and wake up at about 8am in the morning depending on the settings.
Everliker works from Chrome and requires stable Internet connection. If your machine hibernates (HDD is turned off after user inactivity), Everliker will stop. You might need to configure your PC not to hibernate in OS Settings.
Everliker always tries to get to the daily likes quota as fast as possible and might make just a bit of extra few likes on top.
But if you missed a day entirely, Everliker won’t try to make double the quota as that would lead to account ban.
Everliker uses Instagram cookies stored in your browser to simulate human activity and make http requests.
That’s why it does not ask for your Instagram account id or password.
It is designed to do so. Everliker wakes up, makes a few likes and goes to sleep. It will also sleep at night for about 8 hours.
It should however consistently deliver the daily quota of likes given that PC does not hibernate and connected to Internet for long enough and your task filtering settings are not too strict (read the trouble-shooting section below if that happens).
If there is no posts for a tag, Everliker will ban the tag from 2 to 24 hours from being run in hope there will be more posts soon.
Realistically this should not slow you down unless you use just one or two tags with a very low number of posts created.
Everliker also won’t be unliking posts automatically as it’s not a natural behaviour.
Liking by tag is the simplest strategy. You set a list of tags separated by space or comma and choose the daily likes speed.
Every time Everliker wakes up, it will pick one of the tags at random, then scan about 200 recent posts for that tag and like some of them before going to sleep.
Everliker will try to detect posts that contain porn-spam or that were made by a bot and will ignore them. This is an in-built behaviour and can not be changed.
Tip: if you want to guarantee a certain tag to receive a specific number of likes a day, set up a separate task for it. You can have up to 20 tasks simultaneously.
Targets specific geo-locations. Yields best results if your clients or target audience are frequently found in a certain location.
You need a Location ID to set up this task. Location ID is a URL and typically comes in the following form: https://www.instagram.com/explore/locations/214122044/zurich-switzerland/
You can get Location IDs directly from Instagram website. There are three ways of doing so:
1. Go to instagram.com, then type into the search box the location to find (such as 'Zurich'). Click the option with the 'PIN' icon (not hashtag one). Then copy-paste the URL to the task.
2. Click any post such as this one. If it has a location, you'll see it under the account name. Click on the location name, you'll get to the location page.
3. Go to locations directory. Then browse for location you want. Drill down to a location until you see photos and copy-paste it's URL.
Tip: location targeting has the lowest bots-to-real-users ratio and gives very high conversion rates if used properly.
Each task is customized with a daily target likes setting and a set of advanced parameters. Some parameters are explained below:
  • 'do not like posts with words' is a space separated list of words. Everliker will ignore posts which contain any of these keywords either in lower or upper case.
  • 'do not like posts with ads' will de-prioritize posts that contain keywords common to ads, such as price, sales, etc.
  • 'do not like posts older than X days' will ignore posts that are older than X days. Do not set it too small or Everliker will choke on finding suitable posts to like; 7 days recommended.
  • 'do not like the same user more than X times' will track liked users and will not like them again if the set limit is reached; liked users list is cleaned upon reaching ~100.000 users.
There are other parameters such as 'Do not like my posts'. Hover over any filter option in Everliker interface to get usage tips and filter stats.
Home feed (aka timeline), consists of the posts made by the people you're following. You can follow certain accounts manually and set up 'Liking my feed' task type to target them.
Liking my feed task type is also useful to retain your followers if you're mutually following them.
Avoid setting 'do not like the same user more than X times' parameter on this task type unless you're frequently subscribing to a lot of new accounts.
Tip: use 'do not like posts with more than X likes' parameter to avoid liking popular accounts and prioritize those that are most likely to spot your like.
The most powerful of the targeting strategies, but generally the slowest one to run. Typically gives ~3-5 times better results.
You set the user accounts to target, Everliker will scan X most recent followers of those accounts, visits their pages and like one or more of their posts.
Great when used with your competitor or similar accounts or accounts that your target audience is following.
Scanning phase is very slow due to the request rate limits. It takes Everliker about 7 seconds to scan 10 recent followers so it may appear not doing anything while the scan is performed.
Please note Everliker can not reach private (closed) accounts and will also be filtering suspicious bots so it may end up liking about 30% of the scanned followers.
Setting too strict 'do not like posts older than X days' or 'do not like the same user more than X times' is also known to cause Everliker to slow down due to not finding suitable posts to like.
Tip: if you feel your content resonates well with people following a certain account, adjust a 'min/max likes per user per session' parameters to be higher. Otherwise keep them low.
Based on our sample data, the following task configuration typically gives higher engagement, i.e. number of followers gained per like made:
  • Task type: Like user's followers.
  • Usernames: Research and list here Instagram accounts similar to yours such as of your competitors or having similar theme / interests.
  • Do not like my posts and do not like posts with ads: ON
  • Do not like posts older than X days: 30
  • Do not like the same user more than X times: 4
  • Min likes per user per session: 2
  • Max likes per user per session: 2
Make sure to add fresh usernames to the task from time to time as Everliker will suspend the task once all followers were liked.
Open instagram.com page in your browser, log out and log back in under a different Instagram ID. Everliker will understand that the accounts has been changed.
Everliker is designed for personal use and not to facilitate a bot factory or a marketing agency. However it is possible to run a few accounts with Everliker simultaneously. Here is how:
1. Setup a second Chrome User Profile
2. Open the second Chrome window under that profile and log under the second Instagram account
3. Install and run Everliker in both Chrome windows
Done. You're now running two Everliker instances over two Instagram accounts. We do not recommend promoting more than 3 accounts simultaneously this way as they will share the same IP and may get banned.
There are certain limitations as to what is technically possible. So far Instagram does not return posts for a combination of tags.
We can suggest coming up with a different hashtag, for instance #newyorkfashion instead of #newyork and #fashion.
No. There are significant technical difficulties with Firefox / Opera versions which we would have to overcome.
As such we decided to concentrate on new features and stability for Chrome. Right now we could only suggest creating a fresh Chrome User Profile and run Chrome exclusively for Everliker.
Partially. Free version of Everliker extension works on Chromium.
However, Chromium has no integration with Google Payments, a payment system built-into Chrome and WebStore. As such t is currently not possible to use PRO license features on Chromium.
No. Everliker requires a desktop Chrome version and stable Internet connection.
Alas, it can not run off the phone as it would consume an awful lot of battery life and is also unreliable as background processes are throttled by mobile OS.
As much as it could be. Social automation has an inherent risk. If an automation service claims they are 100% secure, they lie.
If your account breaches the internal Instagram trust score by liking too much, switching IP address too often or liking simultaneously from multiple devices, it can be action blocked. You can read on action blocks here.
We had no ban reports in the past however Everliker is used at your own risk and we will not accept any account liability. We do not recommend running any social automation tools if you are not willing to take the risk.
Instagram uses a complicated approach to calculating max allowed likes per account which depends on account freshness, follower / followers ratio, ip addresses and your past activity.
Instagram is also known for adjusting this approach from time to time. You can find your max by gradually increasing daily likes limit and liking speed until you hit an action block.
Speeds of 500 likes / day is recommended. Running above 40 likes / hour or 800 likes / day is not advised and typically leads to action blocks. If you were action blocked please read this page.
Make sure to follow these rules to stay away from action blocks and increase your max allowed daily likes target:
1. Increase speed gradually by +10 likes / hour each week until Everliker delivers about 500-800 likes a day. Running faster than 800 likes / day is not recommended.
2. Do not run multiple bots or multiple Everliker instances over the same Instagram account at the same time.
3. Avoid liking, following or posting anything on Instagram while Everliker is working. Stop Everliker before doing so.
4. Do not use Everliker for accounts that are less than 21 days old or have no recovery phone number listed.
5. Use as many relevant hashtags to like by as possible and post good fresh content regularly.
If you consistently hit action block at a certain target hourly speed and daily likes limit, reduce the total speed to stay away from it.
Tag performance report is a special task type. Everliker runs it once every day. You can only have a single task of this type.
When the task is run, Everliker scans up to ~5000 of the most recent followers on your Instagram account. It then correlates the followers with every like made for the past 5 days.
Whenever a follower found that was liked in the past 5 days, Everliker considers it a follow-back, in other words a follower gained by liking one or more of their posts.
Reporting data is comparative and does not represent an actual gain in followers number. Consider the following scenarios:
1. User follows and then un-follows you within the same day — Everliker will not capture that user as a follower.
2. User follows and then un-follows you within the next day — Everliker will still capture that user as a follower.
User may spot your like the next day or later, so re-running task the next days will update the report with higher precision.
Everliker will skip calculating follow-back index for tasks that like your feed and followers of your own @account.
Follow-back index is an average number of followers gained per every 100 likes made for that tag, location or username on a particular day.
Follow-back index does not represent the attention your account receives. Whether users follow your account or not depends on the quality of your post, whom and how you engage with.
Follow-back index fluctuates based on the day of week and the time of the day.
Everliker will build performance charts for every username, tag or location you use. Compare performance of various tasks and gradually replace low performers with high performers.
There is no universally good or bad follow-back index. Followers you gain depend primarily on your niche (business / model / photographer / etc.) and the post quality.
We do not recommend restricting Everliker to just a few top performing tasks. Generally, the more tags, locations and usernames you target, the safer it is for your Instagram account.
PRO version is a $5 / month subscription service. The price may differ country to country. PRO version includes:
1. Speed faster than 350 likes / day.
2. Ability to like by location, like home feed, user's followers and followings, run tag performance reports.
3. Ability to filter posts by keywords, users, date.
Happens with Google Payments. Could be caused by changing payment method without cancelling an old subscription first.
Please send us an e-mail to the address listed at the bottom of this page. In your message mention the e-mail address you use to sign into Google Payments and subscribe to Everliker PRO.
We will check if payments are indeed duplicate and cancel or refund one or both of them.
Please navigate to the Google Payments Website. Find Everliker PRO subscription under "Subscriptions and services" tab. Click MANAGE and navigate to the complete transactions list.
Click a transaction to get details of the given transactions along with the tax amount. You can then screenshot the transaction details and print them as an invoice.
To migrate PRO version to another PC, simply log into Chrome under the same email account you purchased Everliker with.
Please also make sure that Synch is ON under chrome://settings page in Chrome.
We use a Chrome in-built Google Payments system to register and process transactions and do not know and store your card details, email address or Instagram account.
You can purchase PRO version from Everliker popup by clicking a blue GO PRO button at the top right of the plugin status screen.
You will need to be signed in to Chrome in order to make a purchase since your purchase is stored in your Chrome Profile ID.
As we use Google Payments to process billing the PRO license is purchased per Google Chrome Profile ID.
Since you can only be logged into a single Instagram account at once you can not reuse the PRO license for multiple Instagram accounts.
However you can change an account you promote with Everliker PRO by simply re-logging under a different Instagram account in your Chrome Browser.
No. Everliker is provided AS IS. We do not offer refunds even if it was shut down or became dis-functional due to third party actions. Please read our Terms of Service for more info.
We suggest checking that Everliker FREE works for you before you upgrade to a PRO license.
Any time by going to the Google Payments Website. No questions asked.
That means your Account / Device / IP combination was action blocked. Please navigate to this page to read about action blocks and what to do if you were action blocked.
This typically happens because of the following:
1. You're not signed into Chrome. To sign in, find a 'Person' or 'Name' button in the top right corner of the Chrome window. Click on it and make sure to create an account and sign in.
2. You're not signed into Chrome WebStore. To sign in, navigate to Chrome WebStore and click a 'Cog' icon at the top right. Then sign in under the same email you're signed into Chrome.
3. You're not in the country supported by Google Payments system. Please check the list of supported countries to see what countries are supported.
4. Your bank account and Google Payments do not like each other. Try to add a different payment method on the Google Payments Website or follow instructions listed here.
5. You're not signed into Google Wallet. Signing in to Google Wallet was reported to help with solving the billing issues.
If you see the rare "In-app purchases is currently unavailable. The transaction could not be completed" message, try to log off Chrome, reinstall it and then log back in. This is known to help.
Everliker will automatically suspend a task for a few hours if there is no posts to like or all recent posts were liked.
If there is no posts for a tag at all, Everliker will suspend the task for 24 hours. If all recent posts for a tag were liked, Everliker will suspend the task for 2 hours.
This typically happens because of the following:
1. You were signed out of Chrome. Find a 'Person' or 'Name' button in the top right corner of the Chrome window. Make sure to sign in under the same account you purchased PRO with.
2. You're not signed into Chrome WebStore. To sign in, navigate to Chrome WebStore and click a 'Cog' icon at the top right. Then sign in under the same email you're signed into Chrome.
3. Your card has insufficient balance, has expired or Google did not accept it. Please check your Email for messages from Google or update your Payment methods at Google Payments Website.
! While changing your payment method, make sure to cancel old subscriptions first to avoid having duplicate subscriptions.
Nothing helps? Please send us a screenshot of your purchase confirmation and a Transaction / Order ID number, copy-pasted from Google Payments Website and we will investigate.
This is typically caused either by plugin conflict or an anti-virus software such as BitDefender. Disabling 'SSL Scanning' module under 'Web Protection' under BitDefender's settings helps.
Try to temporarily disable all plugins in Chrome under chrome://extensions except Everliker to see if that works.
Please make sure Everliker is installed and enabled under chrome://extensions page in Chrome. If plugin is missing, you can reinstall it from this link.
Check if Everliker icon is hidden under Chrome menu: click the 'three dots' icon at the top right of the Chrome window, then right click Everliker icon and press 'Keep in Toolbar' option.
This typically happens because of the following:
1. Misspelled tags. Sometimes Everliker wakes up and sleeps again without liking. This indicates there is no posts for a tag. Make sure your tags are correctly spelled.
2. You have reached the 1 hour or 24 hours limit. Sometimes Everliker wakes up, likes one post and goes to sleep again. This indicates Everliker has made more than 1800 likes in the past 24 hours or more than 200 likes in the past hour.
3. You are using too strict post filtering settings. Try to adjust them. Typical cases of too strict filtering settings are:
  • setting low 'do not like posts older than X days' parameter in Like user's Followers job will prevent Everliker from finding a suitable follower to like.
  • setting 'do not like users more than X times' might result in a quick like saturation. Make sure to update targets (tags, locations and usernames) regularly if you use this setting.
4. Your OS or Chrome throttles the Plugin. Monitor Everliker during the day to find out if that is the case. Here are two links that could help avoid throttling: instruction 1 and instruction 2.
Everliker needs to be able to make calls to Instagram service, so please make sure you can actually browse instagram.com, it’s posts and tag pages while your VPN is on.
Everliker could fail to connect to Instagram website either because Instagram is down, your cookies expired or website structure was changed:
  • First, please make sure to sign in to instagram.com website.
  • If you see an ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS message, please clear *.instagram.com cookies in browser and retry.
  • Google 'Instagram News' to see if Instagram servers are down. If so there is not much to be done until Instagram fixes the problem.
  • Instagram updates website from time to time. Sometimes that breaks Everliker features. Please send us a mail so we could investigate the problem and adjust to the change.
You might have accidentally disabled Everliker or it was disabled by other plugin due to a plugin conflict. Reinstalling or updating Chrome could also disable all 3rd party plugins.
Open 'chrome://extensions' tab in Chrome, scroll down to Everliker and make sure 'Enabled' checkbox is turned on.
Google Payments cancels payments automatically if it fails to charge your card for a given amount. Your mailbox should contain a message from Google explaining what happened.
If your card expired, remove it from the payment methods at Google Payments Website. Cancel your subscription to do not end up having duplicate subscriptions (!).
Then add a valid payment method and try to GO PRO with that if you would still want to use the PRO version.
If you believe you received this status by mistake, reach us via email listed at the end of this FAQ page; mention email you used to purchase Everliker PRO with so we could investigate further.
Sure, you can reach us via email: @
Please note that due to a sheer volume of emails, we might not be able to prioritize your request unless you include the following into your message:
  • a screenshot of the problem and a clear explanation.
  • a Debug Info file, which can be collected from the plugin INFO page by clicking SAVE DEBUG INFO TO A FILE button.
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Legal: Instagram is a trademark of Instagram LLC, registered in the U.S. and other countries. Everliker is an independent project and is not affiliated with Instagram or Facebook in any way.