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  It is with a very heavy heart that the day has finally come to say goodbye to Everliker as we were asked by the Facebook Inc. to close the service as potentially exploitable. 😢

This has happened to numerous development teams over the past few months including Swipe for Facebook, Simple Social and others which sadly puts an end to our app as well.

Because of this, we have pulled Everliker from the Google Chrome WebStore, removed all data and shut down all systems. This page is online for you so that you know what has happened.

The extension might continue to function if you have it installed in your Chrome Browser as there is no way for us to remove it from your machine remotely. To remove an extension from your browser, please navigate to chrome://extensions and click Remove besides Everliker.

We're sorry. It has been a wild ride. We have met the most amazing people along the way. Still, we can not put you at risk by providing a service which was demanded to be shut down by the Facebook Inc.